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Kristiane Kegelmann
Schönleinstraße 6
d-10967 Berlin
Ust.-Id.: DE 304217979


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Fotos: Pujan Shakupa
Design: Kristiane Kegelmann

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With a PARS Praliné, you hold a very special delicacy in your hands, which represents sensual seduction, as well as a moment of blissful enjoyment. For the full potential of our luxury product to unfold in all its dimensions, the ingredients play an invaluable role. Only when the production of the ingredients are made with mindfulness and sustainable agriculture, does the product and what is produced by its natural diversity meet our high standards. With the exception of a few ingredients, which our team collects from trustworthy and sustainable manufacturers outside Germany, we collect all of our ingredients from farmers in the Berlin area such as the Erdhof Seewalde or the nursery Grete Peschken. In short: exquisite quality is not a figurehead, but rather the starting point. 

Sculptor K. Kegelmann has always been fond of exploring the world with her hands. For that reason, she decided to train in patisserie and eventually master the field,  but that was not enough for her. Not only did she want her creations to impress on the exterior, she wanted the interior to stand out as well. Through testing and creating new and innovative flavor compositions, Kegelmann has completely reinvented luxury chocolate products with her brand PARS Pralinen. Every bite of her beautifully designed products sparks a symphony of fireworks on the palate. The taste compositions designed by PARS Pralinen change regularly with the seasons, and are rarely found outside of Germany.

Kristiane Kegelmann (* 1990 in Munich, Germany) initially completed an apprenticeship in a classic pastry shop. She then moved on to a leadership position in a traditional Viennese sugar factory called DEMEL where she achieved a master's degree. Kegelmann has been active as a sculptor since 2014.


Since 2016, Kegelmann has been producing exclusive, unique and individual praline editions, which have been available under the label "PARS" (lat .: part / piece) since 2019. Her chocolates give her the opportunity to maintain her contacts within the gastronomy as well as local farmers. Kegelmann values sustainability- using only the highest quality and ingredients from small producers who provide seasonal organic products from the region around Berlin. Her PARS editions with dried flowers (anise, elderberry, rharbarber ...), Jerusalem artichoke, kefir, spruce tips or hay are rarely found anywhere else in Germany.

Pujan has been involved since our inception and works regularly with us PARS to visualize our products, projects, work processes and values.


As a freelance photographer and co-founder of the film production STARK SHAKUPA, he specializes in image / portrait and product film and photography with his business partner Stefan Stark.


Since both come from the visual arts, their photographs and videos reveal their sense for aesthetics and details. The works are unique in their quality and their demands and they have always optimally staged our products.


We are always happy to work with him!


If you want to reach him, just email him:


Anne-Cathrine has experienced much of PARS' conception.

She started as Kegelmann's personal assistant in November 2017, where she was responsible for all communicative and administrative areas.


Recently, she has lightly entered production, where she continues to support us on a regular basis. Since April 2019 she works as a freelancer when we realize larger projects.

Pauline has been part of our team since May 2017.


She also supports us on a freelance basis for larger projects.


The young French woman started with an internship, where she was introduced to the production of chocolates as well as Kegelmann with her artistic and craft talent also assisted in art projects.


Parallel to her design studies in Eindhoven, she regularly participates project-related in production and project realization.

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