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13.12.2019 17:30 - 21 Uhr

Shortly before the end of the year we would like to invite you to a special event:


Chocolate & Fish


with artistic manufacture chocolates from pars chocolates and the ceramic artist Maria Volokhova.Maria Volokhova shows a selection of her unique porcelain objects. Presented as a sensual synergy PARS chocolates their precious and delicious, hand-made chocolates.


And the best thing is: the objects and PARS editions can not only be experienced this evening, but also purchased.


Shortly before Christmas there is still a wonderful opportunity to find gifts and gifts and toast to them together.


We look forward to your visit!


When: Friday, 12/13/2019 from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: WoMa, Schönleinstraße 6, 10967 Berlin

Nachmarkt Winter 2019_FB Event.png

On the 2nd Advent, there will be sweets from near and far at the Berlin Naschmarkt in Markthalle Neun! Made from over 40 handcrafted, artisanal, natural ingredients: cookies, gingerbread, dominoes, pralines, chocolates, cakes and more.

PARS is going to be there this year, so come over!

The Naschmarkt devotes special attention to nuts this time because they play a very special role in the Christmas bakery: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds.

Visitors are invited to taste creations with nuts during the tastings in the NaschLabor, to get to know more about the sweet craft and to exchange ideas with experts.

Kristiane Kegelmann will have some products tasted at 2 pm at Naschlabor.

Current information as always on Facebook and Instagram.

Berliner Naschmarkt 
8. Dezember 2019, 12–18 Uhr
Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, 10997 Berlin
Entry 5 Euro. Children, teenagers, neighbors (10997) and Berlinpass free

Bild von Markus Jans für SALON Magazin Dez.19

From November 28, 2019, four pars editions will be offered in the KaDeWe. Where there are fine delicacies, our pars chocolates can now be enjoyed. For festivities, dinners or as a gift.

Parenti's x PARS Pralinen x FORMA Laboratory

15.11.2019 11 - 19 Uhr, 16.11.2019 11 - 16 Uhr

Parenti's cashmere invitation private vi

Nobelhart & Schmutzig x Kristiane Kegelmann

17.10. - 31.12.2019


What is the restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig?  It’s easier to say what this isn’t: a restaurant with a classic à la carte concept. Speiselokal Nobelhart & Schmutzig is a holistic eating experience. There is a 10-course menu, carefully selected for internal harmony, and that’s it. The restaurant depends on the season and the availability of the products. The targeted exchange with farmers, fishermen, hunters and foresters not only enables sustainable enjoyment, but also opens our eyes to the beauty of the Berlin region.

Starting mid-October (17.10.2019) Nobelhart & Schmutzig cooperates with the artist Kristiane Kegelmann.

The small bite for their guests way home which the restaurant traditionally provides at the end of the dinner will be a chocolate of Kegelmann’s label PARS Pralinen, whose special filling she is developing for this occasion together with head-chef Micha Schäfer. As with most of her chocolates, the artist only uses regional products of the highest quality for the filling. The couverture used here comes from Holger Intveld (Xogue) who processes only fair trade fine cocoa from the best possible cultivation conditions. Roasting, breaking, separating, mingling - All steps from raw beans to couverture are carried out by the Berlin chocolate specialist himself.

During this period, sculptures by Kristiane Kegelmann will also be on display in the restaurant windows of Nobelhard & Schmutzig. The work Body of Work is not a finished study, but an ongoing one that deals with the relationship between different bodies, volumes, structures and textures. Kegelmann combines stable materials like steel with fragile ones like kefir and other organic elements. She creates objects that leave room for transformation in a harmonious juxtaposition.

frau-tonis-parfum-berlin-manufaktur (1).

Frau Tonis Parfum x PARS Pralinen

May 2019

Frau Toni's perfume stands for charming minimalism; The main characters are her 36 exquisite manufactory perfumes, "Fragrance as inspiration" is her philosophy.


BERLIN - Lively and young like the metropolis Berlin! Bergamot meets Citrus, Cedar wood meets Cardamom.


We have been inspired by the scent of Berlin No.21“ and developed a praline, which accompanies the fragrance, a gentle walk through the ingredients of the fragrance and our emotions that the fragrance triggers in us, allows. Playfully, the praline continues to develop on the tongue: dark chocolate, cedar, cardamom, Sicilian lemon, bergamot ... and leaves room for your own interpretations.

In May 2019, every customer who buys Ms. Toni's perfume over € 80 will receive one of these chocolates as a gift.

The chocolate can also be ordered from us!

PARS Pralinen x Georg Hornemann Goldschmied

SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM -  Rhythmus der Geometrie

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-26 um 10.47.11 Ko

As part of the exhibition "SLAVBE TO THE RHYTHM .- Rhythm of Geometry", our PARS chocolates will be presented together with champagne on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 12 to 18 o'clock. Anyone who is on the gallery weekend in Charlottenburg anyway, should definitely come by.


Schlüterstraße 45, 10707 Berlin 

A small article of the day can be found at                                                     



Manufactory products of the highest quality in Beijing, China

As of September 2018, a small manufactory in Beijing, China, manufactures and sells the ice cream with (and on) style of David Marx and the pralines of PARS. Our recipes, designs and procedures are crafted with carefully selected ingredients and sold on site in various concept stores. Most of these stores have their own small production line and guests can watch the pastry chefs at work.

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